Heirloom Traditions Navel with Dark Umber Wax

    I had a client send me a pic of this hutch asking if I could fit this in my schedule to paint.  I said yes and the process started.  I asked her to drop it off here and send me a pic of what she wanted it to look like.
    What’s so cool is that she found this piece right here in Franklin at The Bargain Barn.  One of my favorite places to shop for vintage stuff.
    So she sends me this picture.
    No problem, I have seen this one floating around the internet for some time.  Love it!
    This is after I finished with it and in her new home.
    She loves it!  I love it!  I hope you do to.
    You can find this color and many others at my booth “Inspired to Restore” located in Chic & Shabby downtown Franklin or you can order direct here and we will ship to your home:  Heirloom Traditions Paint.