Fall antique week in Round Top

    This post is long over due but here goes.  Last year I decided to go to the Fall show in Round Top at the last minute.  Of course every bed and breakfast, house and cabin was booked because smart people book a year in advance.  Not this girl.  I called and emailed and emailed and found a cottage.  It was on a cattle farm, but that was all I could find so I took it.  My friends Kathy and Tanya came on this adventure and we had so much fun.  I never laughed so hard in my life.  More on that to come.
    So we got lost trying to find this cattle ranch, but we found it on a dirt road out in the boonies.  We had to unlock a combination lock on a gate going and coming so we wouldn’t let the cows out.  Not so great coming back at night with not a light in sight.  Thank goodness for flashlights on iphones.
    So we drive up and what is the first thing we see?  A huge snake skin hanging on the fence in front of the house.  Ok I don’t know about you but I am afraid of snakes and don’t care to be around them.  AT ALL.  So we are looking all around the house inside and out to make sure this snake did not find it’s way in.
    I did not take pics of the inside of the house.  But it was decent.  It was clean and well stocked.
    The first night I did not sleep well.  No alarm on the house out in the middle of nowhere and pitch black outside.
    Each morning on our way to Round Top for the day, the cows would come to meet us.
    We would have to shoo them away so we could get out and unlock the gate.
    Round Top is beautiful with it’s rolling hills.  The first day there was perfect. One of the first places I wanted to go to was Round Top Vintage Market because I follow The Vintage Round Top Blog and love their place.  Then on to shopping.  There is no way we could have seen everything.  There are some vendors who we go back to see and there is always new ones to check out.  Some of the people amaze me with their creativity.  It is so inspiring……
    So one of the other highlights of the trip was The Junk Gypsy’s Prom.  There were some sights to see.  The rain was pouring from the sky but that did not stop these people from attending their prom.  We saw some sights, but it was good clean country fun!
    The second picture in the middle is what it looked like on our way back to the cottage on the cattle farm.  The next day we were leaving and looked at the property on our right and what do we see?  Zebras and gazelles.  We were next to an exotic farm and didn’t even know it.  How cool was that?
    Hauling our stuff in the UHaul Truck.

    I’ll miss going to the Spring show this year.  I know my ladies that are going will have a blast as usual and I will miss being with them.  But I’m going to the Retailers seminar for the paint company that I have the pleasure of working with.  I cannot wait to meet Paula Blankenship with Heirloom Creations.  I have been carrying this line for a while now.  I love the paint and waxes!  The paint is like butter it just glides onto my projects.  The wax is so easy to use and she has so many to choose from.  I also love that these products are MADE IN THE USA!  This is very important to me.  I have learned so much from the women who are fellow retailers and can’t wait to meet some of them. 
    I will definitely be at the Fall show.  Oops I guess I need to start looking for lodging now.