The little table that could

    Remember yesterday when I told you I was using Heirloom Traditions Peppery?
    Gosh is looks much more red in this picture.  It’s actually more rusty red, if that makes any sense.
    This picture was taken with my cell phone.
    Anyway a customer dropped this little lady off to me.
    I told her that she could easily get the color she wanted, that I would show her how to achieve it.
    But she said she didn’t have time to do it.
    She wanted me to take care of her.

    This is the pillow she bought with the table.  She wanted me to match the lighter shade of rusty red, the one in the center of the pillow on the left.

    It’s not going to be a perfect match because you are trying to match fabric to paint.  But you can get it pretty darn close.  Don’t be afraid to try.  Don’t be afraid to mess up.  You can always start over.


                What are you painting today?

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