Monthly Archives: May 2015

Whew! It has been a whirlwind of a week for me but it’s time to get back to painting! Last Friday was Avery’s last day of school and of course she had to have all of her friends over for swimming and slumber party. Love those girlies. Come on Mrs. Debbie, take a selfie. Then […]

Well I’ve done it.  I’ve made the move.  Instead of having one space at Chic & Shabby (downtown Franklin.  I will have two.  Since August of 2014 I’ve had the one space and in it my photography business and my paint & furniture business. We have carved out a larger space in the back of […]

Attention, Balance, Creativity Attention – What are you giving your attention to?  What are your priorities?  When your priorities are in line with what’s really important to your wellbeing, things just happen to work better. 1.  Your spirit – Wake up and say Thank you.  Live it Gratitude.  Find the small things to be grateful for.  Talk to God, […]

Lot’s of paint and finishes to choose from. New canvases in!  This is my color wall. Black and white.

So remember the mirror that went with a bedroom set? Well I sold the rest of the set but the buyer wanted the dresser and nightstand painted. She wanted an aged Tealish look. So I broke out some DIY Bohemian Blue and some DIY Liquid Patina in Dark & Decrepit and Voila! Instant beauty………….

First take a mirror, any old mirror.  You can actually paint over the mirror with chalkboard paint but because the mirror in this frame was so heavy I took it out. Don’t hate me for painting over this beautiful orangish stain.  It’s just what I do. Anyway.  Here is the beautimus frame before paint, with […]