Do you want to build a snowman?? I mean a Chalkboard???

    First take a mirror, any old mirror.  You can actually paint over the mirror with chalkboard paint but because the mirror in this frame was so heavy I took it out.

    Don’t hate me for painting over this beautiful orangish stain.  It’s just what I do.

    Anyway.  Here is the beautimus frame before paint, with the mirror taken out.
    And here are the luscious colors I want to work with.  
    Heirloom Traditions Navel, Thunderous and Row House.  
    There is a method to my madness.  A little here and a little here.  I feel like an artist with my palette.  Just keep swishing, just keep swishing.

    And Voila!!
    You have something beautiful!


    Can I duplicate this exact look every time?  Noooooo.  Because you are mixing and blending and it will not always look the same.  But isn’t that the beauty of this painting game?
    Now to seal and finish this piece of Art.  

    I used Barn Wood Wax also by Heirloom Traditions.  Did I mention that I love, love this company??  Because I do, I really really do.  Best company to work with eva!!!  You can shop for all of these beautiful paints and finishes in my booth at Chic & Shabby in downtown Franklin OR if you can’t get to Franklin you can order any of our yummy products here at:
    click here———> Heirloom Traditions. Com. <——– click here

    On to the chalkboard part of this chalkboard.  I used the backing that came with the mirror.  It’s like a fiber board kind of thingy.  Anyway make sure you prime it.  I think I only used one coat if I remember right.

    For the actual chalkboard you will need chalkboard paint.  I used Valspar chalkboard paint.

     I’ve read that it works best if you roll it so that’s what I did.  Two coats.

    Let it dry.


    Then put it in the frame and oh my my!

    She is so pretty!

    What are you working on today?