Monthly Archives: June 2015

While on vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama I took a day to shop for my flea market booth and workshops over at Inspired to Restore which is located in Chic & Shabby, downtown Franklin.  I also had my trusty sidekick Kathy with me. First we went over to Habitat for Humanity which I blogged about […]

I’ve been wanting to replace the  TV cabinet in our Master Bedroom for a long time. So I decided to call my go to carpenter friend, Mike to build a custom cabinet.  I wanted it tall enough so that we could see the TV while in bed, wide enough to fit the space in which […]

Blogger has worked really well for my blog in the past.  It’s free and easy to use.  I’m working on making this blog a business and one of the first things blogging experts recommend is that you purchase a domain and have your blog/website there.  So that’s just what I did.  I purchased and […]

The booth is fully stocked with Heirloom Traditions  but remember if you can’t get to Chic & Shabby to get you some, you can always order here and we’ll ship directly to your home in no time. Heirloom Traditions Paint Company. This display was painted with Heirloom Traditions Thunderous and sealed with our water based […]