Monthly Archives: January 2016

These are just a few shots I took in New Orleans at Christmas time. In New Orleans you will be in awe of all of the beautiful buildings. New Orleans architecture has a european feel. It has a very diverse culture which makes it a melting pot for inhabitants from around the world. The food […]

Today I whipped up some Chicken enchilada soup and Crustless spinach and asparagus quiche.  It’s been cold here lately and although we in the deep south can’t wait for the cooler temperatures, we are certainly not used to it.  To make up for that, I like to eat warm savory foods on these chilly days. […]

  Belle We lost our poodle, Belle who was 16 years old last year.  We loved that dog so much.  She was a big part of our family.  16 years is a long time.  In fact she was older than Avery.  After she passed away,  I said that was it, no more dogs.  And it […]

These words remind us that life is a journey. We will go through many experiences. Some experiences will be good. Other experiences will not be good. Wherever we are, we should think about God. We should remember His place in our lives. If life is a journey, then we must follow Him. He knows the […]

Staining concrete and patio tour We built our house in 2009 and have wanted to do something with the cement floor in the patio since then.  I went back and forth trying to decide whether to install tile or to get the concrete stained.  We finally made the decision to stain and we love it. […]